Overview of the Foundation
SLG Quantitative Management Foundation is a UK-registered specialist global liquidity provider that provides flexible, deep liquidity for large foreign exchange trading volumes, as well as the ability to adjust the liquidity structure of national commercial banks.

SLG has been conducting business in all countries in the world with the principle of fair and impartial trading, and 2019 has helped thousands of clients around the world to achieve 50-200% investment return ratio, which is well loved by investors in all countries. Its Salagim (Seychelles) Trading Technology Co., Ltd. provides in-depth technical support for SLG, and its forward-looking introduction of the recent hot digital currency into the SLG quantitative program, automatic execution of the best buy and sell inflection point of the intelligent quantitative function is well recognized by the market. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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Project Information
In 2016, the Salagim UK Fund Asset Management team was formally established, and SLG Quantitative Management Foundation has three wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely Salagim (Seychelles) Trading Technology Limited, Salagim (Singapore) Fund Management Limited and Salagim (UK) Asset Management Limited, which hold both digital currency and foreign exchange trading MSB licenses.
The SLG Quantitative Management Foundation has three wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely Salagim (Seychelles) Trading Technology Limited, Salagim (Singapore) Fund Management Limited and Salagim (UK) Asset Management Limited.
The three companies cooperate with each other in a coordinated manner, and foreign exchange investment and digital currencies are a large part of the current metal trading industry that cannot be ignored, SLG. The QMF is expanding and strengthening its power and voice in the foreign exchange liquidity provider community and the digital monetization trading market. SLG QMF's services and products are well received and appreciated by the market worldwide. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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SLG's six advantages
  • AI intelligence quantification
    AI Intelligent Quantification One-click Earnings
    . Trinity of Active, Regular and Leveraged Quantification
  • Wind control team using artificial intelligence database real-time collection of national political, economic, cultural and other data for the traditional foreign exchange and cryptocurrency market all-round 24-hour monitoring of international market prediction and decision-making
    Strategic Wind Control
  • LP clearing system
    Leverages industry-leading advantages and technology to connect directly to the clearing port, minimizing transaction costs for sustainable profitability
  • Top Financial Sector Investment Analyst Team
    . Specialized Asset Management Consulting Team
    Investment Banking Platform
  • asset pass-through
    Create SLG circulation to become a valuable platform pass, everyone holds shares to benefit️, huge value-added potential
  • SLG combines its own powerful technical team to realize the intelligent quantitative trading function, which enables even white-collar users to gain huge profits in the foreign exchange and digital currency markets.
    Trade Diversification


SLG Collaborative Team
is made up of highly qualified executives and consultants from the blockchain technology, investment banking and foreign exchange sectors.

Mateen Ho

Dual degree from the University of Hong Kong and the University of Singapore, 6 years. Foreign exchange experience, responsible for UK and Australia Marketing and Operations, Asia Pacific for a foreign exchange brokerage firm. Very extensive industry experience

Lohran Brasilero

Brazilian national, 12 years professional trader, in Forex and digital currencies. The company has a complete trading system and strict wind control system in the field, and had Led technical teams in the UK and Cyprus to very high levels of excellence. Accomplishments, currently Salagim's Chief Technology Officer, will provide Salagim members with a steady and consistent return on their investment. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

John Wilson

John Wilson, a Japanese British national with extensive industry experience working for well-known clearing financial institutions such as Barclays Bank and mature market expansion resources in the Asia Pacific market, will succeed Mr. Olawunwi as CEO of Salagim


M.S. in Finance from Harvard University, formerly Head of Risk Control at Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank. Worked in a top Wall Street financial institution in the research of wind control systems, with a keen analytical ability of the unexpected events and international market. With extensive experience and rigorous risk control skills, he is currently the Chief Risk Officer of Salagim.


SLG Products


Product Details
The Foreign Exchange Market and the Emerging Digital Currency Market as the Foundation's primary quantitative management service Foreign Exchange Market Profile - The Global Currency Exchange (FOREX) is the metal market for currency trading.
Its features: large trading volume, high market transparency, $8 trillion daily trading volume; flexible leverage, light transaction costs. Two-way trading, profit is not limited by market conditions; T+0 trading, 24-hour market. Global 24/7 foreign exchange market. Introduction to the digital currency market--Digital currency is a digital or virtual means of payment that exists only in computer systems, so there is no physical equivalent in the form of paper money or coins. Digital currency investment advantages: simple and straightforward transactions, convenient and fast operation, controllable investment risks. Digital currency trading is secure

①Product types: CTA quantitative strategy, low-frequency cash arbitrage strategy, cross-exchange arbitrage and a variety of compounding products

②Product billing method: USDT

③Trading standard: BTC, ETH and other mainstream currencies, EURUSD, USDJPY, XAUUSD and other traditional foreign exchange trading

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